About Our Hearing Center

Using Her Knowledge To Each Others

“Throughout my career I have always believed it was important to give back to her community. I do this now by serving as a speaker and instructor for many different groups and activities.”

  • Facilitator: Eskaton hearing aid support group
  • Open Houses: To introduce new products and technology
  • Seminars and Classes Include: Understanding the principles of hearing, New technologies in hearing aids, Learning to adjust to wearing hearing aids, Living with a loved one who wears hearing aids, The care and cleaning of hearing aids

A Personal Interest In Hearing Loss

“I understand the special needs of a person with hearing loss, as I have a younger sister who has a severe hearing loss. She lost her hearing when she was four years old from a high fever, and has been wearing hearing aids ever since. I have been around hearing loss and hearing aids for most of my life, which has given me a real understanding of what you and your family members are experiencing.”