Patient Testimonials

Do you remember the phrase smooth as silk quote? It means easily or without a glitch. That phrase describes my experience at Audiological Hearing Services. I had a preconceived idea about hearing aids and delayed the process for several years. Finally, I took the step and my doctor recommended Melinda. The office is casual and homey. Mindy is comfortable to talk to and uses the latest equipment. By the end of my first visit, I knew the type of aids I would be wearing; how much my hearing would improve, and what all costs would be. My aids are hardly noticeable, simple to put in and batteries easy to change. I couldn’t be more pleased with my new ears. If the big box hearing aid stores overwhelms you and the impersonal care given by a poorly trained workforce then Audiological Hearing Services is for you. I give them 5 stars.

—L. Flannery, Roseville 

To satisfy my family’s repeated requests to have my hearing tested, I call Audiological Hearing Services to make an appointment.  The easy, painless procedure surprised me completely; I had lost almost 50% of my hearing. Some of the brain had taught me to cover up the loss by reading lips, reading body language and asking people to repeat themselves.

After being the owner of “new ears,” I was able to hear the phone ring, carry on a complete conversations without needing to hear things 2 or 3 times. Best of all, I could hear the birds outside in the yard whistling their songs.

My only regret was waiting so long to have the ear examination. How many Robin and Dove concerts did I miss?

—C.K. Sacramento 

Hi name is Robert; I reside in the greater Sacramento area. I am a patient today for an audio evaluation for my hearing, the services that were rendered was awesome. The receptionist was very insight, helping, and courteous. I would refer anyone to this service for their hearing needs. This place has an atmosphere peace of what a hearing center should have.

May you and your company be pleased and blessed.

—Robert G. Sacramento 

AHS is a highly professional office, which has been very helpful in meeting my hearing aid needs. I came to this office several years ago with problems with my hearing aids. Ms. VanceTrup dealt with the problems efficiently and much to my benefit. She was available whenever I had problems with the aids, however minor they were.

The charges were minimal, but the results were quick and most helpful. Recently she saw the problem of failing efficiency of my original hearing aids and was able to advise a different unit (my current aids) much to my benefit. I have made frequent visits to her friendly office, always to my benefit.

AHS is an excellent professional unit in the big scheme of things for those who have hearing impairments. I am most happy with their services.

—J. Normanly M.D. , Fair Oaks, CA